flow  3.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNflowAll basic blocks to build a graph of packets streaming across nodes
|oNstateContains the different state values
|oNsamplesCollection of concrete nodes
||oNgenericConcrete nodes that perform generic tasks
|||oCgeneratorConcrete producer that generates packets by calling a parameter functor
|||oCostreamerConcrete consumer that outputs packets to a parameter std::ostream
|||oCteeConcrete transformer that clones one input packet to multiple output packets
|||\CdelayConcrete transformer that adds a delay to a packet's consumption time
||\NmathConcrete nodes that perform mathematical operations on their inputs
|| oCadderConcrete transformer that uses operator+= to sum input packets
|| \Cconst_adderConcrete transformer that uses operator+= to add a constant value to input packets
|oCgraphObject that manages the connections and state of multiple nodes
|oCnamedBase class for objects that are named
|oCpinBase class for a node's inlet or outlet
|oCinpinObject that represents a node inlet
|oCoutpinObject that represents a node outlet
|oCnodeBase class common to all nodes
|oCproducerBase class from which concrete pure producers derive
|oCconsumerBase class from which concrete pure consumers derive
|oCtransformerBase class from which concrete transformers derive
|oCpacketObject that carries data from node to node through a pipe
|oCpipeCarries packets from one node to another node on a FIFO basis
|oCtimerBase class for an object that notifies listeners at some interval
|\Cmonotonous_timerConcrete timer that notifies listeners repeatedly at a set interval of time